February 27th, 2013

Can I give you two fandoms? The Avengers and Supernatural.
Asketh - saintnoname



  • M/F OTP: Clint/Natasha In a friends with benefits sort of way.
  • M/M OTP: Coulson/Clint
  • F/F OTP:  Natasha/Maria There aren’t a lot of options for this. :<
  • OT3: Starkspangled Banner
  • Favorite Canon: Steve/Peggy
  • Favorite Crack: Bucky/Clint
  • Guilty Pleasure: Thor/Loki
  • Pairing I Hate:Loki/Natasha Do not get me started.


  • M/F OTP: Isaac/Tamara- Happily married hunters bickering about misplacing their stakes? Perfect couple.
  • M/M OTP: Destiel
  • F/F OTP:  Anna/Meg!!!!
  • OT3: Wincestiel
  • Favorite Canon: Sam/Jess
  • Favorite Crack: Gordon/Kubrik
  • Guilty Pleasure: Benny/Dean or Crowstiel
  • Pairing I Hate: Err….. I sort of ship everything. Mary/Azazel? idk